The horse breathing problems like equine asthma, RAO, IAD or COPD are not always detectable with the horse coughing. In addition, this respiratory problems can be related with horse allergies.

The Haygain hay steamers promote a healthy gut and respiratory system in your horse. Recent research has shown that approximately 80% of stabled horses suffer from Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD), and that steaming hay can reduce the occurence of IAD by 63%.

In addition, Haygain hay steamers are beneficial to your health as a horse owner, the environment and your wallet.

What people say about Haygain steamers...

HG Go : 

"A little gem. Love it completely. We can travel away to competitions without any worries. Super portable and does the job just like its big brother back home in the yard."

HG 600 :

"Fantastic. I have had my Haygain steamer just over 2 years and absolutely love it. If I give my horses dry hay it makes them cough but when they have steamed hay the coughing stops. I wouldn't be without it."

HG 2000 : 

"Brilliant! Wish we had bought one sooner. The horses love it! Horses which you used to be on soaked hay for health reasons, do very well on the steamed hay. Very economical on water compared to soaking and so easy to use. Would never go back to soaking. A fantastic product, Thank You!"