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Finance options

Need help spreading the cost of a Haygain hay steamer or ComfortStall? 

No problem - we have 2 options for spreading payments.

Pay over 6 months

Haygain offers you the ability to pay in 6 monthly instalments, for just a small charge of 1.9%. 

Used by millions of online purchasers Lay-Buy is powered by PayPal to give full confidence and security of payments.

Simply add your products to Cart, select the Checkout button. On the Checkout pages, complete your address details, and in the Payment section select the 'Put in on Lay-Buy' option and follow the instructions. The 1.9% charge will be added to your amount to pay during this process.

Or spread your payments over 1- 5 years

Haygain are pleased to announce we are now working in association with Moorgate Equestrian Finance to offer our customers, subject to credibility, the ability to spread payments over a longer monthly payment plan.

Below are some example monthly payment prices. (NB: Prices shown are based on previous customer placement and include VAT. Prices are subject to credit checks and affordability.) 

To buy a Haygain HG 600 hay steamer: pay £129.95 per month for 1 year, or £69.94 per month for 2 years, or £49.96 per month over 3 years. 

To buy 2 stables of ComfortStall flooring, assuming a normal buy price of £3,990: pay £211.42 per month for 2 years, or £149.32 per month for 3 years, or £119.14 per month for 4 years, or £101.23 per month for 5 years. 

Talk to us on 0333 200 5233 to find out more.