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The Flexineb is the fast, portable equine nebuliser, utilising Nortev proprietry technology to efficiently deliver aerosolised medication directly to the lungs.

70% of particles <5 microns penetrate lower airways.

Features include:

  • World leading nebulisation technology
  • Aerosolised targeted medication delivery
  • Recommended for COPD, RAO, heaves, allergies, EIPH and pneumonia
  • Portable and silent - no cables, hoses or wires
  • Compact and easy to use - fully integrated system
  • Unique and adaptable - 3 different medication cups available
  • Comfortable and lightweight - pliable rubber mask and weighs just 1kg

"We use Flexineb on a regular basis and find it a very effective piece of equipment for horses with respiratory problems" Maureen Haggas, Racehorse trainer

"The most important aspect about Flexineb is the fact it is self-contained, very easy to use and tolerated brilliantly by horses so you're unlikely to get treatment failure with such a simple and effective product." Richard Hepburn, Vet

"Nortev has finally developed the ultimate Nebulizer...a product has to satisfy three requirements..must be affordable, user friendly and most of all work. Flexineb does it all." O.M. Cavey, OVM