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Soaking versus steaming your hay

Did you know...

Although soaking hay dampens down 90% of respirable particles, it dramatically increases the bacterial content of the hay,

In just 10 minutes the bacterial content increases by 150%, and can go on to 500%! 

Soaking also reduces palatability and leaches valuable nutrients; but more concerning is the effect on the environment. The post-soak liquid is 9 times more polluting than raw sewage.

How can Haygain help?

Steaming hay with a Haygain hay steamer dramatically reduces bacteria and mould content by up to 99%. 

Steamed hay also keeps the nutritional value of the hay in tact, and has no toxic waste, and the horses love it! 

A study by Moore-Colyer, M.J.S. and Payne, V. (2012) showed Haygain steamed hay, once tasted was always the first to be consumed.