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What is Immuno-San?

Immuno-San is an inhalable solution specially formulated to support the respiratory system of performance horses. Completely natural and non-testing (FEI) legal, making it ideal for use in competition horses. Ideal for all horses recovering from respiratory illness, or those who want to prevent respiratory stress when travelling or regularly competing & exposed to virus’.
Immuno-San is a unique combination of high grade essential oils, scientifically proven to support the Immune System, and has demonstrated excellent results in clinical testing.

Only recommended for use with the Flexineb to treat horses.

How effective is Immuno-San?

Field Trial Study Courtesy of Dr Emmanuelle van Erck, DVM, PhD, ECEIM.
A recent study conducted on the efficiency of Immuno-San demonstrated significant reduction in TW & BAL neutrophils with Immuo- San (IS) use in comparison to other common combined therapies – inhalable Corticoids & Anti Microbials (CAM) & other inhaled Essential Oil products (MY)

All horses showed a decrease in BAL neutrophils (i.e. indicative of lung inflammation), as expected with a corticosteroid treatment, however the decrease in TW neutrophils is significantly more important in horses receiving Immuno-San. One of the reasons why neutrophils would remain above normal range in the TW is the persistence or the development of infectious micro-organisms. Indeed, use of corticosteroids can increase the risk of secondary bacterial or fungal infections. Examining the results of the bacteriology and mycology cultures in all 3 groups, the combined treatment with Immuno-Sandemonstrated that it can prevent the development of infection in IAD horses treated with inhaled corticosteroids.

When is Immuno-San Prescribed?

For horses in work and competition, where horses are exposed to respiratory diseases such as IAD andinfection, Immuno-San is a highly efficient and protective, non-doping solution. * (FEI)
* Please check with your local racing authority.

In horses treated with corticosteroids, Immuno-San acts to support the immune system and prevent infection.
Immuno-San helps support health and performance in equine athletes.

Indications for use Immuno-San

  • Recovery from respiratory disease/infection
  • Prolonged recovery time
  • Cough
  • Nasal Discharge
  • Exposure to Dust
  • Travelling
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in Breathing


Using Flexineb, the treatment protocol is 5ml delivered twice daily, un-diluted via Flexineb. Be confident Immuno-San is reaching the lower respiratory tract, with Flexineb scintigraphy imaging demonstrating 71% of particles reaching the lower airways.
Immuno-San is indicated as a 10 day treatment, repeatable as often as required but is ideal at the start of training & during intense training or travelling.

Immuno-San comes in a 100ml bottle 

Immuno-San should be used with a green (fast flow) medication cup

Used by the Best…

Immuno-San has been used by 16 riders participating in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, including 6 medallists!
It is also currently being used by 40 of the top 100 Showjumpers in the World Rankings!