Silvaplex for Flexineb Nebuliser

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Silvaplex for Flexineb Nebuliser

Silvaplex for Flexineb Nebuliser

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  • To be used in conjunction with Flexineb
  • Natural means of supporting the immune system
  • Helps expel the excess mucus and bacteria in it
  • Shortens common respiratory ailments (bronchitis, viruses, colds)

    Silvaplex has been demonstrated to have potent antimicrobial effects. In its chelated form, it has been proven to be one of the most efficient means of fighting bacterial, viral and fungal problems thanks to its stability and environmental safety (as doesn't interfere with oxygen uptake in aquatic animals).

    In this era of increasingly restrictive use of pre-competition medication, chelated Silvaplex is gaining wide acceptance by regulators as an entirely drug-free alternative.

    Silvaplex can also be used for minor cuts and wounds, with astonishing results.

    Only recommended for use with the Flexineb to treat horses.

    8oz per bottle.

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