Frequently Asked Questions


Hay steamers

What makes Haygain stand apart from other hay steamers?

What is the difference between soaking and steaming?

How much does a Haygain cost to run?

How much water will be used?

How long does it take to process the hay?

Does the outside of the container get hot?

Once steamed, how long before you feed the hay and how long does it last?

Will my horse like it?

What does steamed hay look and feel like?

Does it matter if the hay dries out?

What are the advantages of steaming a whole bale in the Haygain HG-2000?

My horse has COPD/RAO/Heaves; can I feed Haygain steamed hay?

Will my horse stop coughing?

My horse does not cough and appears healthy – do I need a Haygain?

Can I feed steamed hay to my laminitic horse or pony?

What else can I do to minimise the dust in my horse’s environment?

What makes Haygain different?

I feed haylage, should I still use a Haygain?

What is the advantage of feeding steamed hay over haylage?