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Our products are trusted by some of the world’s leading showjumpers, eventers, and dressage riders. We have an incredible relationship with many individuals across the different equestrian disciplines, who trust Haygain as a key nutritional partner.

  • Received the Longines Rising Star Award at the FEI Awards in 2015

  • British Showjumping's Young (Under 21) Rider of the Year 2015

  • Helped to secure the 2016 Rio Olympics qualification for the British team at the European Championships in Aachen riding her AES mare Spirit T

  • Joined the Team Miami Glory for the 2016 Global Champions League season

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Jessica Mendoza

What Jessica says about Haygain:

"We started using Haygain for Spirit when we first got her, because she coughed quite a bit and we never knew what it was. It really seemed to work and ever since, she's been really fit and healthy, so we use it for all the horses now. We find it so easy to use that we even take one of their travel units to the shows."

  • Leading international Paralympic riders; they also now compete at the top international level in able-bodied dressage and give regular dressage clinics in Europe and South Africa

  • Philippa won 2 silver medals in Athens in 2004 (winning the first ever equestrian medals for South Africa), 2 gold medals at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Hong Kong and was 5th at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France

  • James is a member of the Horse Sport Ireland High Performance Squad and won team Bronze in the London 2012 Paralympics, where he also placed 6th in the individual Freestyle

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James Dwyer and Philippa Johnson-Dwyer

What James and Philippa say about Haygain:

"We decided to run our own experiment with the hay from our new Haygain steamer, so we replicated the experiment that Haygain had done with some polo ponies. We took dry hay, soaked hay and the steamed hay and put a heap of each in each stable. It worked like a charm and every one of our horses repeatedly chose the steamed hay. They absolutely love it and we have seen no traces of the dust cough to which one of them was prone since we switched to Haygain!"

  • Became the youngest ever British Dressage champion at the age of 20

  • Won team silver and individual bronze in the Grand Prix Special at the 2009 European Championships

  • Set 3 British International Grand Prix records at the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky

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Laura Tomlinson MBE

What Laura says about Haygain:

"We use Haygain as it eliminates dust but maintains all the nutrition. This is vital for competition horses whilst at home and travelling.  Before using Haygain our horses would often cough and need to clear their airways after a long journey, but with Haygain we can dramatically reduce the dust they breathe in on the lorry. It’s easy to use on the go and smells yummy too!"

  • Made her Badminton debut with Matilda in 2011 and was 3rd in the 2012 CCI at Bramham.

  • Joined the World Class Elite Performance Squad in 2013 and had 3 horses on the World Class Equine Pathway

  • Member of the 2014 GBR Team for the series of FEI Nations Cup Team Competitions, where Britain came 2nd in the series.

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Izzy Taylor

What Izzy says about Haygain:

"I am really excited to be working with Haygain, for me it is really important to feed a lot of forage to the event horses to keep their guts moving. Haygain means they are getting very high quality hygienic forage so that they are really able to perform to their optimum."

  • Won team gold medal at the in 2003 Pan American Games Team in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • Won 2 team bronze medals at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Won team bronze medal at the 2015 Pan American Games in Ontario, Canada

  • Currently ranked among the top 50 riders in the world

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Lauren Hough

What Lauren says about Haygain:

"I always want the best for my horses, and incorporating Haygain steamers into my horse’s feed program ensures they are getting the full nutritional value of their hay without the risk of respiratory problems. Not only does Haygain put my mind at ease when it comes time to feeding, but the horses too are really enjoying their steamed hay!"

  • The first-ever Zimbabwean to earn a place to compete in an equestrian sport at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brasil. Camilla earned the ride with her 10 year old KWPN horse, Biarritz (known as Sam the Man at home), after finishing top of the FEI Olympic qualification standings for the region

  • Won 3rd place in the CIC3* at the UK’s Hopetoun International Horse Trials

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Camilla Kruger

What Camilla says about Haygain:

"The Haygain Steamer has been invaluable to Biarritz (Sam the Man), transforming his breathing and overall health. It has really helped his performance, especially at the big internationals. I now feed Haygain steamed hay to all of the horses in my yard. The team at Haygain are incredibly supportive, and always so helpful and informative."

  • One of Britain’s leading lady dressage riders

  • International Grand Prix competitor

  • Competed abroad at many top level international shows, up to 5* team competitions and World Cup events (including Olympia CDI-W, Amsterdam CDI-W, Aachen CDIO5*, Weisbaden CDI4* and many other CDI3*’s around the world, from Hickstead to Sydney

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Hannah Biggs

What Hannah says about Haygain:

"The Haygain steamer is an ingenious and now essential piece of kit that should be on every yard. I want the best for my equine athletes, all the benefits of 100% dust free forage without any loss of nutrition. I now don't have to worry about the time and mess associated with soaking hay. I have complete peace of mind that my horses are getting the full nutritional value of their hay - with no detrimental respiratory problems."

  • Selected for the Lottery Funded World Class Programme in 2013

  • Recognised as one of Great Britain's leading stars for the future

  • Finished 3rd individually for GB in the Great Meadows Nations Cup in America

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Jodie Amos

What Jodie says about Haygain:

"Haygain has proved to be a real asset to my yard. It's easy to use, simple and the most efficient way of guaranteeing my horses are getting nothing but the best, the highest nutritional value hay, free from contaminants. Scientifically proven and equally as appetising, it helps with respiratory issues, healthy digestion and any general hygiene concerns, consequently promoting my horses’ overall well-being and ability to perform."

  • Won second place and Best British Rider at the 2013 Weston Park CCNP**

  • Won third place at the 2013 CCIP* at Le Haras du Pin International, France

  • Won Salperton TCN* in 2014

  • Won Team Silver at the 2014 European Championships in Millstreet, Ireland

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Chelsea Pearce

What Chelsea says about Haygain:

I am very proud to be a Haygain Sponsored Rider. The Hay steamer is second to none and is an incredibly efficient and easy way of improving the quality of hay and therefore improving my horses’ health and performance. I believe it is an essential piece of kit that should be on every yard."

  • Verity is a ground-breaking blind international dressage rider

  • Represented Great Britain as part of Para Team GB

  • Has competed and won at able bodied Prix St. George level (the highest level ever achieved by a blind rider) and is now competing at Inter 1 level

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Verity Smith

What Verity says about Haygain:

"Being based in the south of France where dust is a real problem, I have found the Haygain steamer really invaluable. It is so easy to use, very neat and takes up very little space in the yard.   My Irish thoroughbred, who is quite sensitive to dust, really loves the delicious steamed hay and he no longer has bouts of coughing. I am much happier too, knowing that he is getting the best quality hay, even when we travel abroad to competitions."

Guy Williams

  • Won the Grand Prix and Leading Showjumper of the Year title at Horse of the Year Show in 2003, riding Loro Piana Hamlet

  • A true speed master, Guy has won the Hickstead Speed Derby five times; in 2015 he broke the record as the fastest round ever recorded.

  • Other notable achievements include winning a team Bronze medal at the 2011 European Championships, the Mechelen 5 and 3 Grand Prix and he has won the Sunshine Tour invitational Grand Prix twice.

  • In 2015, Guy moved his operations to Rouen in France, in order to be able to compete at a greater number of European shows. He still travels regularly to the UK to teach and hold training clinics.

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Guy Williams

What Guy says about Haygain:

"Haygain is a revolution to my top horses’ feeding habits and condition. My European horse, for example, struggles to keep in condition over the winter months but the Haygain is encouraging him to eat more forage and keeps him healthy and bright. This is one of the top accessories on my yard and now something I cannot live without."