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Forager slow feeder

Forager slow feeder

Forager slow feeder

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The Forager slow feeder from Haygain is the natural way to slow the pace a horse eats, reducing the risk of colic, gastric ulcers, obesity and laminitis.

Benefits include:

  • Imitates grazing behaviour and slows the pace of eating so there is always forage in the stomach, creating a protective mat to prevent stomach acid splashing and causing gastric ulcers
  • The Forager's Regulator grid ensures smaller bites of forage and increased amounts of chewing, which helps maintain a flow of saliva, acting as a natural buffer to stomach acid
  • Reduces the risk of colic and aids in the prevention of gastric ulcers, obesity and laminitis
  • Stops cross contamination of forage and bedding, saving you time and money
  • Reduces stable boredom and the potential to develop related stable vices
  • Easy to clean and pack flat for travel

    The Forage Regulator, with its many differently shaped and sized holes, as well as its specific combination of sturdiness and flexibility, allows your horse to mimic natural grazing behaviour. We have by now even developed a word for the extensive science behind our Regulator: we call it "Gridology"!

    The “EasyOn” click-and-secure system allows effortless filling of the forager and changing of the regulators.

    The 4 air and light shafts on the sides of the Forager make sure your horse feels comfortable eating its forage all the way to the end, while also ventilating your horse’s forage.

    The shiny metal ring on the outside goes down as your horse happily grazes and it therefore acts as a gauge; you can easily see from afar how much your horse has eaten and how much forage remains.

    The dimensions of the Forager have been designed to make sure your horse feels comfortable using it, while also maintaining a natural feeding position. During our research we discovered which colours appealed to horses, and the light colours for the top ring and regulator were picked as a result.

    The entire base of the Forager can be filled with sand to maximise its stability. If necessary, you can also easily tie the Forager to a wall from the Forager’s built-in fixing points.

     The water drain points on the base of the Forager make sure that it can be easily cleaned. For more rigorous cleaning, you can swiftly break the whole Forager down into component parts, and easily reassemble it after cleaning.

    Useful information:

    Other information:

    • Feeds 1 horse
    • Holds up to 14 Kgs of hay or haylage
    • Robust, innovative and horse-friendly design
    • Includes 2 interchangeable forage regulator grids: Easy (white) and Standard (green)
    • Diameter 70 cm, Height 72 cm, Weight 13,6 Kg (empty)

    Please note: the Forager is suitable for hay and most types of haylage, however the use of long stem forage is not recommended as it may cause your horse frustration.