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Haygain HG-One winner Erica Fenton is delighted

Haygain HG-One winner Erica Fenton is delighted

Erica Fenton was the lucky winner of a HAYGAIN HG-ONE hay steamer in an online BEDMAX competition. HAYGAIN teamed up with BEDMAX horse bedding, to offer one lucky person the chance to win the popular HAYGAIN HG-ONE steamer and Erica was delighted to be selected.

Erica, who runs a livery yard in Newark, Nottinghamshire, owns one horse, Sienna and uses the Haygain for her. The 15.3hh, five year old British Warmblood will start her eventing career next year. She had suffered with a cough for quite some time and despite changing her bedding, little improvement was seen. However, since the Haygain One arrived, Erica has seen a huge improvement in Sienna’s respiratory health.
Said Erica, “Since using the Haygain Steamer, Sienna has only coughed once and there is no snot over her door anymore. She used to cough for a short while when she started work as well, but this has stopped now.”
Erica feeds steamed hay; either wrapped or unwrapped and has seen successful results with both.

The simplicity of the HAYGAIN has also fitted in well with Erica’s routine. She said: “It’s easy to use and I just switch it on before I start mucking out. The hay compresses when steamed so it looks like there might not be enough in the net, but it always seems to last her the night.”

The Haygain one is certainly making a big difference to both Erica and Sienna. Said Erica: “Sienna loves the steamed hay, especially when it is warm and it is so much better than having to soak it, which is what I was doing before but with little success.”
Three other liveries on the yard use a Haygain with success, and another lady with three horses is planning to purchase one after the great results that Erica is having with hers. Concluded Erica “I’m always a bit sceptical whether things like this actually work, but the Haygain steamer is certainly fantastic. I was so pleased to win the competition and it has helped my horse enormously.”
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