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The perfect starter pack to accompany any steamer purchase. 

Please use the dropdown size menu to choose which model of steamer you have. 


  • 10 Sachets of Descaler – can last up to a year
  • Timer
  • Bale Bag
  • Non-Shrink Haynet
  • Bale Knife
  • Branded Bucket and Carabiner
  • Multipurpose microfiber towel.

Up to one year’s worth of Descaler

Haygain's Descaler is specially formulated to help remove limescale. It is the recommended tool for cleaning your Haygain steam generator and should be used every 4-6 weeks, to keep it limescale and trouble-free.

1 Packet - 250g - will complete one descaling cycle. 

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Recommended timer for use with any Haygain Steamer, ideal for busy horse owners who need to programme the start and/or end of the steaming cycle. This timer is easy to set and offers up to 96 on/off switching times per day. The socket has increased touch protection. Please note the HG2002 Starter Pack comes with two timers - please choose this in the drop down size option above. Will not be suitable for certain outdoor electrical sockets - please check suitability. 

Bale Bag

The Haygain Bale Bag has been especially designed to keep your steamed hay clean and protected from the environment. Made from extremely strong durable but breathable material with a reinforced base and padded carrying handles, it’s the ideal bag to transport steamed hay in your car or lorry. Measuring 115cm x 50cm x 40cm it is large enough to hold a fully strung standard bale.

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Non Shrink Haynet

Especially designed to withstand the steaming temperature of over 100oc. These fixed knot durable haynets are made in the UK from infra-red material which is protected against UVA-rot and is resistant to ammonia. Size: Standard Diameter of 150cm.

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Bale Knife

A must have accessory on any yard to reduce the risk of accidents when cutting into baler twine or feed bags.

Bucket and Carabiner

12L durable and strong bucket suitable for a variety of uses on an off the yard. Comes complete with a carabiner for those who want to attach the bucket to the wall for feed or water.

Microfiber towel

Ribbed split microfiber towel 43cmx 51cm (17”x 20”) perfect for taking to shows!