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A visit to the oldest veterinary hospital in the world!

A visit to the oldest veterinary hospital in the world!

We were recently invited to one of the four specialised Veterinary schools in France, VetAgro Sup in Lyon to present the latest research findings relating to Haygain hay steamers, Equine Asthma and strategies to improve air quality in the stable environment.

VetAgro Sup was created in 2010 from the merger of the National Veterinary School of Lyon, the oldest Veterinary School in the world created in 1761, the National School of Agricultural Engineers of Clermont - Ferrand and the National School of Veterinary Services.

We were thrilled to meet with Professor Agnès Benamou-Smith and her colleagues to hear how they have offered Haygain steamed hay to both patients and teaching horses over the last four years using two Haygain HG2000s. One is located in the intensive care unit while the other is in the general yard stabling.

Professor Benamou-Smith said “At the hospital, we successfully use Haygain daily for all our respiratory impaired patients, but also systematically in the intensive care ward in order to maintain a good hygiene for the airways of our most critical patients”

We were lucky enough to get a tour of the teaching and clinic facilities before a look inside the fascinating Museum of Veterinary Education. Complete skeletons and numerous preparations demonstrate all the bones, muscles and vessels in various species. There was a remarkable collection of anatomical malformations such as a calf born with two heads and old books and manuscripts illustrating the mode of transmission of knowledge since the creation of the School of Lyon by Claude Bourgelat in 1761.

Becky James MSc from Haygain talked to equine veterinary students of all years covering the background of the problems with feeding conserved forage in the stable environment, summarising what we know about the causes of Equine Asthma and presenting the results of key pieces of research which demonstrate the benefits of steamed hay including the recent study which showed feeding Haygain steamed hay reduced the chance of mild equine asthma (IAD) by 65%. Read this study.

Professor Benamou-Smith commented that “The students and staff present at Becky’s talk enjoyed the presentation because it provided clear data and background information on equine asthma which is so frequent in everyday’s consultations. Everyone also benefited from learning more about the microbiology of hay and how Haygain can offer a real solution to optimise what people already try to do with good management rules”

Becky described the visit as "a wonderful opportunity to discuss Haygain with future veterinarians and hear how the oldest veterinary school in the world uses Haygain! Thank you to Professor Agnès Benamou-Smith, her colleagues and students for inviting us and for their time and interest.”
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