We caught up with Guy Williams to find out how the 2018 season is going and what his plans are for the rest of the year

July 06, 2018

Written by: Arabella Clegg 

1. How is the 2018 season going for you currently?
I've had a really great start to 2018. I recently won the Grand Prix of Bethune and then the following week I won the Grand Prix of Reims.

2. What has been your best result so far?
When I won the big class at Royal Windsor on the Saturday night. It was a great atmosphere and it's always special to win on home soil with a home crowd behind you. What makes it even more special is when it's in the Queens garden!

3. Where are you headed for in the Autumn?
The plan is to come over for the Horse Of The Year Show.

4. Who are your stable stars currently?
Rouge de Ravel, who is owned by the Lillebec Stud. He's a really cheeky stallion but with that he is so careful and quick at the same time, which makes him a force to be reckoned with. He is definitely the top dog at the moment.
I also have Dalton Del Hoyo, also owned by the Lillebec stud. He looks like he's going to be jumping some of the big Grand Prixs next year.

5. Have there been any major changes so far this year?
Not really, I tend to stick to the same shows every year and follow pretty much the same routine in the stables, this way we know as a team where we are at and it all works well.

6. Which Haygain product/s are you finding most useful at home and away at competitions?
We use our large Haygain steamer everyday at home, it is so important for my horses to be getting the best out of their hay and ensuring it's dust free is imperative to both their well being and performance.

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